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Wednesday, 20 October 2010

Frame jig, In the making!

I showed you some picks and some drawings of my latest ambition over the past weeks.
Discussed my plans with several guys, tuned my ideas based on their input and started with some pencil work and the ideas turned into drawings and now into reality. Rob Wijers and John van Wanroij are helping me to achieve it. Their lathe and milling machines are spinning and spitting out the parts. Coooool to see the concept turning into reality. Guess what I'll be doing this winter................

"And some more, these spacers will allow me to use different axle sizes"

"I will use this jig to weld the frame as well. So it must be able to rotate.."


  1. Mooi he, als je shit word uitgespuugd zonder dat je zelf vuile klauwen hebt hoeven maken, hahaha!

  2. Yep, maar schone handen duurt nooit lang.....Heb alweer last van zwarte snotjes.

  3. Rob Wijers and John van Wanroij Thanks for helping The ORTWIN.. Amazing guy..!!
    Keep up the good work buddy..!!


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