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Saturday, 16 July 2011

Shockers leaking!

Damn, I am getting so close to finishing the bike....and then....
I got the bike on the ground after its been on the lift for a while to find out that both shockers are leaking oil. Quickly got onto the internet to find the manufacturer and ask for info and help. Guess what....I found turns out I've got Fournales height adjustable shockers on the bike. Air-pressure is doing the trick.
Send the company an email to ask for help, looking for parts, oil volume information,etc. Quick reply but the help is limted to, "send them to us we will fix it for you"......but I am too much of stubborn basterd to do that.
I have to attempt to do it locally.

First job, make some new pushrods since the old ones are damaged.

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  1. Driving bike is an interesting activity that is really amusing when friends get together, But it goes wrong when you got any problem in your bike, just like the shock leaking and inject problems.


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