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Saturday, 27 August 2011

First ride, Its alive!

After fumbling around with wires the past days I got to start the bike for the first time since Oct 2009. It roars, it shakes, it goes........
Hahahaha, did my first test ride, 10km, tomorrow I'll fix some start-up problems and then........I'll ride it some more.
Nothin beats riding you own backyard build bike. yessssss........


  1. Well done he looks very good

  2. Tanx, got to fix some things this week. He'll be on the road next week.

    haha, I still need to come and pickup one of your T-shirts, good excuse to get out and ride

  3. Is goed kom maar een keer langst en breng maat xl van jou mee dan ruilen we


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